South Africa Critical Skills VISA

South Africa Critical Skills VISA Consultant in Pune
South Africa Critical Skills VISA
Being one of the best and most well-known South Africa Critical Visa consultants in Pune, we understand clients’ expectations of us and we give them best-of-the-class services to achieve their dream of working in South Africa and help them to get permanent residency in South Africa. South Africa is not famous for immigration, however many clients whose profile is not suitable for other countries and want to easily move abroad choose the pathway of the South African critical skills VISA.
With our partners and executives in all major cities in Maharashtra, we are one of the preferred South African Critical Skills visa consultants who provide services across Maharashtra.
With Geoedutech, South Africa’s critical skills visa process become smooth and with minimum interactions due to which we have a client base not only in Pune or Maharashtra but also in every part of the world including the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, and a few European countries.
Firstly, we need to check if your occupation is on the South African critical skills list visa list there are nearly 101 occupations on this list.
These occupations are in demand in South Africa and they need resources on these skills to work in their country on an immediate basis.
With a new rule implemented by the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa a candidate who is applying for South Africa critical skills visa must have a job offer, which was not done before.
Previously you used to get a job seeker visa, which you could use to get a job in South Africa and you used to get 12 months to secure a job offer.

Unfortunately, Home Affairs decided to change this.

Now anyone who wants to apply for a critical skills visa in South Africa needs to have a prior job offer, we guide you on different ways to search job in South Africa.

Some of the Occupations on the 2024 Critical Skills List are

Benefits of South Africa Critical Skills VISA

VISA Application Whole Process

Below are the main points that need to be considered while applying for the South Africa Critical Skills VISA
Ensure The Requirement

We collect client profiles and evaluate the same to check the eligibility for critical skills VISA.

Collection of Documents for skills Assessment

We guide clients on the exact document requirements of skills assessment and application for SAQA

Applying for VISA via VFS global

Necessary Documents for Initial Stage



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