Overseas Education

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Being overseas education consultant in Pune, first we understand the complete profile of the client we do profiling so that we can suggest suitable country to the student.
We appoint counsellors for students, who not only act as guide but become mentor to the student in his journey to the new destination outside India.
The counsellor, understands the student profile, his grades, his English level and suggest him the country he/she should go for.

University Selection

Being a study abroad consultant in Pune, when a student decides a country, the next big thing is the university selection. There are multiple universities offering different level of education. As per candidates profile we help them to choose most suitable college or university.
There are several factors which one need to consider while university selection these are.


When student come for study abroad they mainly face problem in documentation as there are several documents which students needs to submit while making application to the college. These documents should be in the required format and need to attested with some proper authorities. We help students on the same, the document includes

Career Counselling

Many times, students are not clear on their career path. They are not sure about the country and course which they want to choose, moreover they don’t know where their career will be after studying abroad.

Overseas education is an important decision for students and their parents, Geotech’s expert career counsellors help candidate to understand their career path and help to mould their career.

Financial Assistance

As overseas education is costly and most of the students choose to take education loan to avoid extra economic burden on their parents, we help students to take them to the right banks.
Our partner banks help students for documentation and hassle free applications to complete their overseas education dreams.

Culture Guidance

We help student on pre-landing and post landing activities guidance. Being new to a country the student must understand the cultural values, way of living and do and don’ts of that country.
Geo Edutech help our students to understand and practice these values in advance. We make sure the student mix with new culture easily and start his new education journey.

VISA Assistance

We help our students for all visa related procedures including, application, finance statement, mock interview practice and dos and don’ts of interviews.
We have up to date information changing visa rules and prepare our students as per the rules and regulation decided by government authorities of visa sanctioning country.



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