Why Canada is a Favourite Destination for Immigrants

As day by day, the policies of America are changing in terms of immigration, and immigrants are looking for other places to settle and start a new life. And Canada has become a host country to several immigrants as an alternative to America. When in November 2016, Donald Trump was elected, the immigration website of Canada was crashed. Canada always welcomes immigrants, but with recent changing norms of America has led immigrants to look at Canada as an alternative option.
Canada is an excellent destination for immigrants to build a new life. Here is a list of some reasons why Canada is a favourite destination for immigrants

Low unemployment rate and strong economy

Canada is not only reliable but an also stable economy that offers career growth options in numerous fields. There is a low unemployment rate in Canada. These attractive qualities of Canada make it a popular destination among skilled and talented immigrants to settle in this part of the world. There are a huge ageing population and lack of trained professionals in the country. Also, there are low birth rates in Canada that makes it possible for Canada to open doors to immigrants and provide ample opportunities to get jobs and begin a new life in Canada.

The top destination for study

It is a top study destination for international students. Canada is known for its world-class facility and education system. It has top-ranked universities and colleges across the globe. It offers work with learning options for international students, who wish to take care of their expenses.

Hence, every year, hundreds and thousands of students immigrate to Canada for studies.

Canada’s education system is widespread

Canada is known to spend more money on education per capita basis than any other nation across the globe. It is well-recognized as the most educated country around the world. Canada’s K-12 public education system is the best in the world.
It is a home to some of the world’s best colleges and universities such as the McGill University, McMaster University, University of the British Columbia and the University of Toronto which are ranked among the world’s best 100 institutions category.
As per statistics of Canada, 54 per cent of Canadians have 25 to 64 post-secondary degrees, and an additional 10.8% have completed their trade certificate or apprenticeship. In some of the states, the tuition fees are partially or fully covered for low-income people.


Canadians feel that health care is their fundamental right. Hence, healthcare is a huge concern in Canada, and it provides awesome healthcare services. Process of healthcare in Canada is a bit slow, but the quality of healthcare is the top priority and the highest across the globe. Every person has access to the medical facilities that they require.
The cost of recovery when it comes to healthcare is not at all a concern, no matter even if you face a severe health challenge.
There is assistance to social access programs and reasonable housing that contributes it to the well-being and overall health of people that nation takes care.
Apart from free health care, there is a social health facility and consciousness that can be seen, such as Wednesday yoga class that takes place on the lawn of the nation’s capital.
In the summertime, every Wednesday yoga learners can join for a one-hour session of yoga class tradition that includes more than 3000 people for one time and 1500 participants for every yoga class.

The easy policy of immigration

In comparison to other developed countries like Denmark, the UK, USA and Australia, Canada has an easy immigration policy and visa regulations. It makes it easy for immigration individuals to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The immigration rules and regulation in Canada are more flexible to make skilled immigration and family reunification in Canada with a simple and easy process.

Benefits of social security

Canada also provides the most supporting benefits of social security program for immigrants and their family members.
Its health and education amenities are subsidized and known among the best across the globe. It is another additional point that attracts individuals to immigrate to the country.

Diverse culture

Canada has a diverse population compared to other countries. People from different parts of the world with various religions, cultures, race and communities live in peace in the country. The Indian diaspora in Canada is prominent.
Many Indians have become ministers in the country. It is also one of the reasons why Canada is a favourite destination for immigrant.

Canada’s tech industry is growing speedily

The tech field in Canada is growing industry speedily. It spells good points for the future of Canada. It is the need for professional tech experts to boom constantly.
The government in Canada invest and support the strong tech industry. It provides grants and tools to assist startups in Canada. It is speedily becoming a destination among employers to seek skilled tech experts.
Toronto is a leading province in terms of the tech industry with big offices located such as Shopify, Facebook, sidewalk labs, salesforce and Google setting up in the city. While Toronto gets attention for its tech talent, but it is not alone.
Other cities of Canada are pulling themselves in tech talent. Montreal has established as an epicentre for innovation in game development and artificial intelligence, while Calgary and Vancouver are known for its innovation in clean technology.

Canada has the best advantages for paid leave and holidays in North America

Canada is a progressive country with different policies to protect workers in Canada. Canada is the only country with compulsory holiday leave with two weeks of paid holiday for all employees. Also, there are 6 to 10 statutory holidays that vary for each province. Canadians get a variety of monetary protections that include old age security, employment insurance, a federal child care advantage and the Canadian pension plan.
The wage in Canada is also among the highest across the world. It is typically $11 to $14 that varies according to each province of residence. Parental leave and maternity benefits in Canada are also impressive. Canadian workers are allowed to take at least 18 months of parental leave with father and mother to share the holiday as per their wish.


Many of our favourite food items arrive from Canada such as Hawaiian pizza which is not at all from Hawaii. With ham, mushroom and pineapple the pizza was invented by Canadian pizzeria owner in Ontario, 1962.
Also, Tim Hortons, which is widespread in the United States of America, provides the best Maple dipped doughnuts and coffee across the globe.


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